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India's first affiliate internshio model where you'll be paid to finish assignments on time. This will unlock the speed of your learning and motivation to finish the given tasks on time.

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Learn from the trainer who has been doing affiliate marketing since 2014 and generated over $750,000+ affiliate commission.

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Join each session live on Saturday at 8:00 PM and get the recording next day if you missed the session.

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Get access to our proven cheatsheets, templates and work structures to faster your learning.

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Stay motivated by being in the community of motivated students. Find friends, and get inspired. You may find your business partner inside this community.

Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant has spoken at more than 30 conferences in India and talked about Affiliate Marketing.

Having trained more than 50,000 students with his free trainings and 10,000+ students with his paid trainings, he knows how to teach in the most understandable way. He knows how to break big concepts into small ideas and make them easily understandable.

What you'll learn

We have divided this practical training into 8 weeks (having 8 live and 4 recorded) so that you can learn the basics and implements the learnings.

Week 1 (27th August)

Identifying and Qualifying Your Niche

How pick the best niche which can give you a longterm survival.
  • How to pick your profitable affiliate marketing niche.
  • Niches to stay away.
  • Niche brainstorming.
  • Checking competition of niches.
  • Finding Products to Promote
  • Finding Link Opportunities
  • Doing simple math to see earning potential.

Week 2 (3rd September)

Keyword Research Foundation

How to do the keyword research in the most effective way which gives you keywords with great earning potential.
  • Finding low competition commercial keywords.
  • Finding low competition informative keywords.
  • Keyword grouping and clustring.
  • Getting the ideas by spying Quora.
  • Doing keyword research with some unknown methods.

Week 3 (10th September)

Setting up Blog's Foundation

Learn how to setup an affiliate blog and how to make it professional.

  • Finding the perfect domain for your niche.
  • Setting up blog on CloudWays.
  • Doing branding and getting a professional logo
  • Installing the best theme and setting up with ease.
  • Loading the blog with most powerful plugins.
  • Understanding AffiliateBooster and Installing it.
  • Setting up Social media presence

Week 4 (17th September)

Content Creation and SEO

How to write SEO optimized content which Google loves and how to setup a strong SEO foundation for your blog.

  • Understanding posts and pages.
  • Creating content for web
  • Creating content for Google
  • Understanding Pillar Page and Creating a Perfect Structure
  • Content Templates
  • Understanding type of posts
  • Using Dynalist to Create a Perfect Structure

Week 5 (1st October)

Writing Content and Powering up Your Blog

How to write powerful content with proven templates.

  • Article types and Length
  • Doing research before writing
  • Using AI tools to speed up content writing
  • Getting ideas from YouTube, Quora, Communities and Books.
  • Writing perfect intro, body and outro of content.

Week 6 (8th October)

Uploading and Optimization

How pick the best niche which can give you a longterm survival.
  • Using Google Docs to stay ahead the curve.
  • Correct way to upload images in the content.
  • Setting up Meta Titles, Description and doing SEO optimization
  • Content Upload Checklist
  • Unlocking the power with interlinking automation.
  • Setting up RankMath plugin

Week 7 (15th October)

Link Building and Outreach

Learn how to setup the perfect backlinks foundation which makes your blog a money magnet.

  • Understanding the type of backlinks.
  • HARO link building
  • Learn guest posting and outreach.
  • Best tools to do outreach and tracking
  • Link Exchange
  • Skyscraper link building

Week 8 (22nd October)

Affiliate Setup

Learn the best ways to join affiliate programs and how to follow all rules.

  • How to get approval from affiliate networks.
  • How to pick the right offers for your blog
  • How to track everything using some awesome plugins.
  • Affiliate Rules
  • Affiliate Disclosure
  • Creating powerful resource pages.

BONUS Lecture

Management and Hiring

How to manage everything at god level and hire the best writers.

  • How to use Notion to manage everything.
  • Power up the productivity with Google Docs
  • Hiring the best talent to write content.
  • Managing a team of writers with god level management.

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